Tile Table World offers a new concept in tiled tables

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(1) You can choose from a great variety of prepared tabletop designs by looking at TABLETOPS. Here are many sizes, shapes, patterns and tiles. This will give you an extensive view of design possibilities. If you find a size and pattern you want you can choose it and change to the tiles of your choice without charge using Option 2: Remote Access.


(2)  In DESIGN YOUR TABLE Option 1: Design Your Own Table you can design your own tiled tabletop on a grid using our beautiful selection of tiles shown there. This is perfectly free and should be an entertaining experience whether or not you purchase anything.


(3)  You can create your own table with the assistance of one of our designers as explained in Option 2: Remote Access.


Our selection presents some of the most beautiful tiles from two different sources Mexico and Turkey. We also offer tiles from many other sources and countries which are copied to our special porcelain tile.


“We offer discounts to commercial buyers of three or more tables of the same tabletop design, such a restaurants, hotels, cafés etc.”


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If you have a Tile Table World table which for whatever reason you would like to sell, we can assist you by placing your table photo and contact information on the site. Please email or fax your photo and contact information to us. Interested persons will contact you directly.


Please inform us immediately when you have sold your table so that we can remove the offer from the site.


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